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Davit Cranes

Phoenix Lifting supply and manufacture a large range of Davit Cranes including Portable Davits and Large Capacity Heavy Duty Davits.



Davit Cranes are the perfect solution for when access and portability are a factor.

Heavy Duty Davit Cranes (up to 1000KG capacity)

500KG Davit Cranes
Galvanised Davit Cranes in 500KG Capacity

Our Heavy Duty Davit Cranes are engineered for usage in extreme environments whilst still maintaining a minimum foot print. Capacity’s up to 1000KG are available with a range of surface treatments and options.

WIdely used in the Waste Water industry

Features Include;

  • Personnel Rating
  • Electric Winch
  • Mechanical Slew drive
  • Double Winch Arrangement
  • Client Specified Surface Treatment
  • Custom Base (Mounting Connection
  • Capacity’s up to 1000KG
  • Manufactured in Australia


Reid T-Davit

Reid T-Davit Crane
Reid T-Davit Crane in Use

The bespoke T-David is lightweight, portable and manufactured with specific needs in mind.

Particularly suited to situations with environment constraints (headroom. handrails etc.) with a wide range of configurations available.

T-Davit features include;

  • Up to 500KG WLL Capacity.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • One person assembly with no tools required.
  • Radius Adjustment
  • 360 Degrees rotation under full load with fingertip control
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Manufactured in the UK


Reid Porta-Davit

Reid Porta-Davit
Reid Porta-Davit demonstration.

The Porta-Davit system is literally a one person ‘pick up and go’ lifting solution. The Portable-Davit bagged system can be easily transported by hand to any site that a single person can access.

The Portable-Davit is available in several variations including standard strop and winched versions.

Porta-Davit features include;

  • Up to 500KG WLL Capacity.
  • Personnel WLL Up to 120KG.
  • Standard Unit weighs just 24KG fully assembled.
  • Simple assembly with no tools required.
  • Easy to store and transport in heavy duty bag

Reid Porta Davit Quantum

Porta-Davit Quantum
Porta-Davit Quantum

Strong yet ultra-light system with integrated carry handle, capable of lifting up to 600KG.

This unique, ultra-light and rapidly deployable system is the latest innovation to come from Reid Lifting. With a WLL 600KG and weighing from just 18.5KG with an integrated carry-handle, the Porta-Davit Quantum is easily transported and suitable for a range of applications.