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The intelligently designed Port-Gantry is lightweight, portable and capable of lifting loads of up-to 5000KG (depending on beam length). The Porta-Gantry is well suited to numerous applications including projects where site access is difficult.



The lightweight construction of the Porta-Gantry allows the crane to be easily folded away for transport or storage and requires only two personal to erect and dismantle the unit.

Porta-Gantry comprises of 2 A-Frames with lockable swivel casters, 1 Beam and a fully encapsulated trolley.

WLL (Working Load Limit)

The Crane is available in 4 variations to suit the applications WLL (Working Load Limit) requirement. The 4 WLL variations are 1000KG, 2000KG, 3000KG and 5000KG.

Beam Length (Span)

The 1000KG Porta-Gantry is available in a range of beam lengths up-to 9Met’s with 2000KG and 3000KG units being up-to 8.4Met’s.

The 5000KG Unit is available with beam lengths up-to 5.5Met’s

HOL (Height Of Lift)

The 1000KG and 2000KG units will provide a Height Of Lift to the lifting eye of up-to 5.829Met’s with the 3000kg unit being slightly less at 5.527Met’s.

The 5000KG Unit is available with a Height Of Lift of up-to 5Met’s.

Hoisting Equipment

A range of hoists are available to use with the Porta-Gantry including Manual Chain Blocks, Electric Hoists and Pneumatic Hoists.

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