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Scissor Lift Tables


Scissor Lift Tables are an important piece of equipment when it comes to Materials Handling Requirements in most business’s.

Safety and Reliability

Our range of Scissor Lift Tables are Australian Made to highest of standards with the following features;

Internal Power Units

Motor Pump and Oil reservoir are completely contained within the Lift Table.

Flow Control Valve

Provides incremental control of descent speed. Eliminates the possibility of the platform plummeting in the unlikely event of a hose failure.

Oversized Low Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders

Low operating pressure extends the life of the cylinder and other components. The Cylinder Rods are hard chromed to reduce wear and corrosion.

Safety Bar

This highly effective safety device halts the downward motion if an obstruction is met during ascent.

Standard Lift Heights and Capacity’s

Standard Lifting capacity’s are up to 6000KG’s with a maximum height of between 650mm to 2350mm.

With numerous platform sizes available it is best to Contact Us so we can discuss the best option.

Tailored to suit your application

There is a number of options available including single phase or three phase power, galvanised or stainless steel platform, personal lifting.

Below are moveable Scissor Lift Table’s fitted with heavy duty castors.

A Picture Of Moveable Scissor Lift Tables
Moveable Scissor Lift Tables with Castors


A picture of a Scissor Lift Table with a stainless steel platform
Scissor Lift Table with Stainless Steel Platform