Production Floor Workshop Cranes

Workshop Crane Layout

Designing an effective floor layout for a large workshop can be a daunting task. When you have multiple work benches and technicians all requiring heavy lifting assistance, choosing the most suitable Crane System will be one of the most important early decisions you will make.

With numerous types of Cranes available budgets can blow out quickly and very often the end result is over engineered.

Phoenix Lifting were recently approached to design a floor layout for a large workshop that would require lifting facilities for 8 work benches. Initially a Bridge Gantry System was requested however this highlighted several issues including the limited number of operators that could use the crane at the same time and the safe working floor area that would be required.

Our most effective solution was to utilise four separate column mounted Jib Cranes including two x 2 TON Jibs and 2 x 500KG Double Jibs. This solution was very cost effective and allows for other machinery such as forklifts to operate within the area without additional height restrictions.